Gentle Spin

This class is great for anyone starting who has never done a spin class before.  You will get shown in a welcoming environment how to get set up properly on your bike (fitted) and how to find comfort.  We will also gently guide you through all of the terms and safety.  During the ride there will be opportunities to step up the pace, or turn up the tension, or even come to standing… but no pressure to do this.  We understand that it can be scary and we understand that sometimes we need to build up the strength in our legs… because we have been there.

This class is great for anyone who:
  • is new to indoor cycling but wants to give it a try
  • EVERYONE – because you can go at your own pace.
  • If you are an advanced rider and still want to spin… no problem… turn up the tension, peddle faster and enjoy the ride.


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