Gentle & Candlelight Yoga

While these are not beginner classes, beginners are welcome to attend as they are great for all levels.  Within these classes we will explore stillness, breath and dive deeper into the inward reflection aspect of yoga.  While these classes are traditionally done on a sticky mat, on the floor, for seniors or anyone with limited mobility the poses can be adapted to the chair.

Morning Classes:  Here you will find the more gentle poses (asanas) that will help you strengthen and stretch your body, while using the breath to calm your mind and nervous system.  Common areas of the body that are addressed in this class are shoulders, low back, hips and legs… or whatever aches and pains you bring with you.  It’s Your Yoga.

Evening Candlelight Classes:  These classes will help you unwind after the day and ease the nervous system, prepping you for getting ready for bed.  These classes will help to soothe aching muscles and calm the racing the mind.  As always, it’s your yoga.

These classes are great for anyone who:
  • is new to yoga
  • has been sitting at a desk all day
  • is feeling stressed or anxious and needs some time for stillness
  • has been working out and needs to release muscular tension
  • has pain in their low back, shoulders, hips and/or knees


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