This class is great if you want a fantastic, efficient workout.  All of our kettlebell teachers are Agatsu trained and certified which means that you will be receiving safe instruction that will allow you to build strength in a healthy way.   While yoga can be a wonderful stand-alone practice — it does miss the action of pulling and some pushing.  It is for these reasons that Joanne added a kettlebell certification to her list of trainings.  Joanne believes that adding kettlebells to your practice is safe at any age, if done correctly, as they can start to help rectify some of the imbalances in the body and help alleviate things like:  chronic shoulder pain, low-back pain, hamstring and neck pain.

  • Kettlebell Zen – These 6:15am (weekday) and 8:30am (Saturday) classes are 90% workout and about 10% yoga
  • Kettlebell Flow – This class is sometimes added at 11:00am on Wednesdays – and this class blends kettlebells with Flow Yoga and sometimes Yoga with Weights.

These classes are great for anyone who:

  • wants a workout
  • wants to incorporate strength into their yoga practice
  • wants to incorporate yoga into their strength practice
  • needs to release some muscular tension
  • has pain in their low back, shoulders, hips and/or knees


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