Yoga for Anxiety

This class will use a mixture pranayama (breathing), meditation, and traditional hatha and restorative yoga poses (asanas) to help you calm our nervous system, eliminate postural anxiety, reduce stress and help you sleep better.  You will also learn tools that you can take with you to help alleviate the stress that you have in your daily life.  Coming to a yoga class that is specific to yoga for anxiety can help those who suffer, even in though classes are generally silent, feel supported and part of a community.  Bend has a very strict “no judgement, just love” policy… we heal in community.

This class is great for anyone who:

  • is new to yoga
  • has stress at work
  • suffers from anxiety, depression and/or PTSD (while these disorders are all unqiue and different – we can adjust each class to who is in the class and their specific needs
  • feels that they “hold their stress” in specific areas of the body resulting in pain – hips / low back /  jaw / neck / shoulders


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